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What is a Tea Pet?

A tea pet, also known as a tea lover’s pet, is a small clay figure which is kept by some tea drinkers for good luck.

Tea lovers in China ‘raise’ a tea pet by placing it on the tea tray with other tea accessories and pouring hot tea over it, normally on the first brew.
The action of pouring tea over the tea pet is known as nourishing it.

Can Tell Me More About Lucky Toad?

Lucky toad is called ‘Chan Chu’ in chinese and also shares other common names like “Chinese Money Toad” or “Money Frog”.
It is a folk tale mythical creature that is three legged frog. In feng shui, this mythical creature is said to attract and protect wealth, and guards against bad luck.

Therefore it makes a great gift to anyone who wants to attract good luck.

Why Does it Comes in a Set?

Good things comes in pair. The male toad has a horn on his back that will attract wealth. The female toad without the horn will retain the wealth.
When both male and female are kept together, they are believe to bring wealth, prosperity and longevity to the owners.

Why Zisha (Purple Clay) is the best Ceramic for a tea pet?

Zisha also known as purple clay, has been the best material used in China to brew tea dating back to the 15th century.
Most of the chinese tea pets are handmade from Zisha or purple clay. This is because after prolong use, Zisha will absorb the tea,
and its surface will become smoother and glossier along with the aroma of the tea.

As the shine and glossiness increases through prolonged period of nourishment, its appearance changes and becomes even more attractive.
This feature makes most tea lovers yearn to keep a tea pet for their collection alongside their gongfu tea set.

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NimaTea Chinese Tea Pet Zisha Lucky Toad Set (Male and Female Money Toad), Traditional Handmade Money Frog Decoration on Your KungFu Tray, Kept by Tea Lovers for Prosperity and Good Luck

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  • TEA AROMA RETENTION - Chinese tea pets are made from high quality yixing zisha that has the ability to absorb tea flavor over time thus giving off a tinge of tea fragrance
  • ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY - Comes in a 2 piece set of both Male and Female Lucky Money Toad, where the Male money toad attracts wealth and the Female money toad retains wealth
  • TWICE THE HAPPINESS - Lucky toad set guards against bad luck, bringing twice the happiness to those who treat them well
  • TEA CULTURAL EXPERIENCE - Own the quality experience of what exactly the nobles and scholars in ancient China used to enjoy during tea ceremonies that signifies their high society status
  • UNIQUE DECOR - Displays as an interesting ornament on a gongfu tea tray or decorative table that makes a great conversation starter (Dimensions per toad is 3.5 * 3.1 * 2.3 inch)
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NimaTea Chinese Tea Pet Zisha Lucky Toad Set (Male and Female
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